About ArtLess

ArtLess is an AHRC funded project at Birkbeck led by Professor Carol Watts and Dr Ben Cranfield. Shaped by PhD students and early career researchers from a variety of research backgrounds, The ArtLess Group explores ways to unite the Arts and sciences to promote new, innovative, collaborative research. One of the project’s outreach programmes includes creating research exhibitions for Touring Exhibitions and Bury Art Museum.

birkbeckmediaservices_18308497900_Blake’s Dream; Vala or the Four Zoas; Performance birkbeckmediaservices_18496214225_Blake’s Dream; Vala or the Four Zoas; Performance armstrong-03 birkbeckmediaservices_17873522544_Blake’s Dream; Vala or the Four Zoas; Performance IMG_2063 IMG_2016 dan-03 Jayne-Wilton-03
The ArtLess Group is a new research platform and network hosted by the School of Arts at Birkbeck, University of London. All PhDs in the School are eligible to join.

The aim is to use The ArtLess Group as a way of developing projects, working on them collaboratively, and sourcing funds and shared connections where possible. It also functions as a network for information. The ArtLess Group also looks outward to work with community and public partnerships as well as local Birkbeck initiatives.


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